Who are we

We are a group of researchers from Empa and ETH.
We create this website for better dissemination and stakeholder engagement.

Areas of work

Our research covers a broad range of technologies, small and large scale systems.

Cyber-physical systems

The ongoing digitalization interconnects buildings to form a dynamic ecosystem. The dramatic increase of complexity requires new toolsets to operate such a system of systems more efficiently. We develop and validate such tools on research and commercial establishments.

Sustainable mobility

Electric vehicles not only contribute to low carbon footprint lifestyles but have to more to offer. The available flexibility can support our energy system to function more efficiently, which leads to improved social welfare.

Digital twin

We develop a virtual replica of the physical system, which accurately mimics its components and operation. With continuous data streams, we can operate both the physical system and the digital copies in parallel in real-time, which offer unique and precise insights to support decision makings.

Repurposed electronics

We power the intelligence of smart city with wastes.